Dignity, Racial Justice, & Prosecution

Prosecution and Human Dignity_2.png

Across the nation, there is remarkable energy and momentum for ending mass incarceration and ensuring equal justice for all.

With increased focus on prosecutors and the current potential for prosecution reform, we believe prosecutors must own their role in addressing the egregious racial disparities in the justice system and center the pursuit of racial equity in their work.

In order to help them do so, the Vera Institute of Justice’s Reshaping Prosecution program and John Jay College’s Institute for Innovative Prosecution have launched a joint initiative to guide prosecutors in racial equity-centered work. The initiative brings together racial justice scholars, forward-thinking prosecutors, individuals directly impacted by the system, and other stakeholders to develop tools for rooting prosecution both in human dignity and in the human capacity to grow and change.

Through six months of collaborative work together, launched in June 2019 in Montgomery, AL, participants will forge an actionable plan for prosecutors to uphold human dignity and pursue racial justice.



Adam Foss
Founder and President, Prosecutor Impact

Akhi Johnson
Senior Program Associate, Vera Institute of Justice

Allison Goldberg
Policy Advisor, Institute for Innovation in Prosecution

Angela J. Davis
Professor of Law, American University Washington College of Law

Beth McCann
District Attorney, Denver District Attorney’s Office

Coleman Powell
Intern, Vera Institute of Justice

Cristine DeBerry
Chief of Staff, San Fransisco District Attorney’s Office

Dafna Yoran
Senior Trial Counsel, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office

Eric Gonzalez
District Attorney, Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office

Erin Tinney
Intern, Vera Institute of Justice

Hollis Meminger
Founder and CEO, Bridgebuilder Cinematic Arts

James Cadogan
Vice President of Criminal Justice, Arnold Ventures

Jamila Hodge
Director, Reshaping Prosecution Program, Vera Institute of Justice

Jeffery Robinson
Deputy Legal Director, American Civil Liberties Union

John Choi
County Attorney, Ramsey County Attorney’s Office

Johnathan Terry
Special Assistant, Institute for Innovation in Prosecution

Jonathan Rapping
Founder and President, Gideon’s Promise

Joseph Margulies
Professor of Law and Government, Cornell University

Karol Mason
President, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Kelsey Reid
Program Associate, Vera Institute of Justice

Kim Foxx
State’s Attorney, Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office

Kim Gardner
Circuit Attorney, St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office

Lucy Lang
Executive Director, Institute for Innovation in Prosecution

Monica Bell
Associate Professor of Law & Sociology, Yale Law School

Poonam Mantha
Media Relations Strategist, Vera Institute of Justice

Rose Cahn
Criminal and Immigrant Justice Attorney, Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Sarah Darwiche
Program Coordinator, Vera Institute of Justice

Scott Colom
District Attorney, 16th Circuit Court of MS District Attorney’s Office

ShanaKay Salmon
Project Associate, Institute for Innovation in Prosecution

Stephanie Morales
Commonwealth’s Attorney, Portsmouth Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office

Stephen Roberts
Senior Research Associate, Vera Institute of Justice

Susan Burton
Founder, A New Way of Life Reentry Project

Vincent Southerland
Executive Director, Center on Race, Inequality, and the Law at NYU Law School

Wes Caines
Reentry & Community Outreach Coordinator, Bronx Defenders