The Prosecutor’s Role in Addressing Officer-Involved Fatalities

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Given the persistence of and the lack of accountability for these tragedies, how can prosecutors prevent and address officer-involved fatalities?

The Toolkit

The IIP's Toolkit on Officer-Involved Fatalities and Critical Incidents addresses this question with concrete action that prosecutors can take and communities can advocate for in order to reduce use-of-force, and to provide a path to accountability for unjustified force.

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The Working Group

The Toolkit was created for prosecutors and communities, by prosecutors and communities. It was informed by a year-long Working Group comprised of 50 experts from across the country - those who lost loved ones to police violence; prosecutors; and law enforcement experts.

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Learn More

  • The IIP launched the Toolkit in partnership with family members, prosecutors, and law enforcement experts in February 2019. Read more here.

  • Members of the IIP’s Working Group were invited to testify at Congressional Black Caucus hearing on police use-of-force in May 2019. Learn more here.

  • Victoria Davis, the sister of Delrawn Small and a member of the Justice Committee, outlines her goals for the Toolkit

  • Interested in adopting the Toolkit? Write to us at

  • What does a family-prosecutor partnership look like? Watch Valerie Castile and John Choi discuss why they joined the working group, below, and read more about their partnership here.

A Road Map for Prosecutors