Letter to the Editor

Rachel Mitchell Violated National Prosecutorial Standards

The totality of the hearing clarified that Rachel Mitchell was hired outside counsel for the Republican members of the Senate Judiciary committee

looking to defend Justice Kavanaugh from Dr. Ford’s allegations.

By Lucy Lang | October 12, 2018 at 10:37 AM

The American prosecutorial community held its collective breath when prosecutor Rachel Mitchell was selected to question Dr. Christine Blasey Ford during Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation hearing. This was the first time that members of the Senate Judiciary Committee hired an active state prosecutor to question a witness—and the nominee—in front of the world. Generally, the consensus amongst prosecutors was that Mitchell had a good reputation, there was no precedent for this, and we would wait and see what happened. What ultimately did happen is that leading up to, during, and after the hearing, Mitchell improperly leveraged her position as a prosecutor to further the goals of a private client. Prosecutors in this country are rightly held to a different standard than other lawyers. This is not a partisan issue, and Mitchell’s conduct must not become accepted precedent in prosecutorial practice.

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